How to use a Life Raft

It is suggested to store the raft on the deck, but in most charter boats they are stored in a locker. 
Once you decide to abandon the boat, a choice that should be the last when you face a difficult situation, pay attention on the following steps :
• Move and place the life raft on the deck (if it is not already there) and tie somewhere the rope to open.

• Through the raft into the sea. If it does not open, pull the rope to open.
• If it opens in the sea with the bottom up, a crew member should swim to the raft and using a rope fitted on the bottom of the raft, turn it in the right position.
• All the crew members should then enter the raft
• The skipper should enter the last and cut the rope to open in order to separate the raft from the boat. Remember to take with you the EPIRP device and activate it.liferaft

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Post time: Aug-14-2018